Building an Industrial Cybersecurity Workforce

Over 2019 and 2020, La Trobe University, Idaho State University and the Idaho National Laboratory worked to create a workforce development framework for industrial cybersecurity professionals.

Details regarding that work from an academic perspective can be found in the Papers section of this site.

Participants envision a series of easily consumable guides entitled “Building an Industrial Cybersecurity Workforce”. Today I am posting the first release in that series “A Manager’s Guide“.

This guide will aid managers in answering four pivotal questions:
1. Are you ready to build an industrial cybersecurity team?
2. How do you structure your industrial cybersecurity team?
3 . What does you industrial cybersecurity team need to know?
4. What does your industrial cybersecurity team need to do?

Identifying the unique knowledge and job roles required of industrial cybersecurity professionals represents a significant step towards developing a capable workforce. We note the ongoing need to establish a repository of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors on which diverse groups can rely to create training and education standards, personalized training plans, intervention methods, and training content. We anticipate using surveys, interviews, and field observations to expand, further validate, and refine this work.

Future deliverables include an Human Resources Guide and a Career Development Guide for Industrial Cybersecurity.