Webinar: A new generation of industrial cybersecurity professionals

I am pleased to announce the ISAGCA Webinar on building a new generation of industrial cybersecurity professionals this coming Thursday (April 25).

The Webinar will present the current culmination of nearly a five year effort to establish a concensus-based foundation of knowledge that qualifies industrial cybersecurity professionals

Following the webinar, the 125-page document and all the supporting resources will be available on the ISAGCA web site. This will serve as a valuable resource for the entire community. This would not have been possible without collaboration among DOE/INL, ISAGCA and ISU.

On the Webinar, I will discuss the broad needs, methodology and results of the work.
In addition to the “knowledge” document, we are releasing all of the data gathered and analysis performed. Importantly, this documentation includes the self-reported professional and academic qualifications of the participants. This an impressive level of transparency.

In addition, we are preparing an academic article that focuses on methodology and key insights in greater detail.

Here is the link to the Webinar registration. I hope you will join us!

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