Diversity in a new semester

One of the great feelings of being a teacher is seeing the enthusiasm of your students. It is a humbling experience to recognize that someone is placing a high value on the ideas you intend to impart to them.

I have a handful of students getting a jump start on next fall’s start date by taking a couple of classes with me this spring semester. One has a previous AAS in information technology systems, one has a previous AAS in nuclear operations, and one has a previous AAS in Mechatronics — all going on for bachelor degrees in cyber-physical systems. Two decided to change majors from Computer Science to Industrial Cybersecurity.

When I asked the CS majors why they wanted to change they said they wanted to do something more hands-on!

This same group of early starters includes a veteran, a career changer, an international student, a female, and traditional student from my same town. Thinking about that inspires me to do and be better!

This new video highlights the diversity of our great programs: ESTEC Power Careers.

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