New Video Describing ISU Industrial Cybersecurity Degree Program

One of the things I did not fully anticipate when I left FireEye/Mandiant to lead ISU’s Industrial Cybersecurity Program was the full range of skills I would need to excel as a Program Coordinator.

Naturally, domain expertise is important — but curriculum design and development, overseeing faculty, interacting with students from a variety of ages and social backgrounds, receiving calls from parents, hiring faculty, guiding adjuncts, running advisory committees, creating exams and scoring rubrics, selecting high quality materials, dealing with department, college, and university curriculum review committees, making proposals to the state board of education, submitting grants has been much more involved and challenging than I anticipated!

I was very pleased to have some good marketing help in the form of the video above. It features a variety of faculty and staff that have made the Industrial Cybersecurity program a great success over the years! I love that it features our real students.

A special shout-out to Ryan Pitcher who is among the most dedicated faculty I can imagine. At school early and late. Always willing to take time for students and peer instructors alike. It is faculty like him that make ESTEC a hiring staple for technical professionals at regional, national, and global competitive firms!

If you are looking for well prepared entry level industrial cybersecurity talent, please reach out to me.

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