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I am sure I will address this in greater detail in the future, but I wanted to tell  readers about the actual courses in the Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology program at Idaho State University.

You can see from the list that 13 of the 28 courses fall into the industrial process control category, six fall into cybersecurity, and three fit under IT. This is a specific and intentional program design intended to make sure our graduates are ready to enter the industrial/plant floor environment.

In fact, what we really want is students to graduate from any of the other hands-on engineering technology AAS degrees offered in our department: electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, nuclear operations, then go get a job and work for a couple of years. With real-world experience under your belt, return to enroll in Industrial Cybersecurity,  where they can bring valuable real-world perspective into the classroom, and increase their earnings potential.

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